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Friends of Rancho de Ninos inc.
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"We must do the work of him who sent me"  John 9:4 


In 1986 we began a Ministry to aid the Rancho Del Nino Casa Hogar San Humberto in Sonora,Mexico, which is located near the small town of Empalme, in association with St. Edwin's Parish based out of Albuquerque,New Mexico as our sponsor. in 1993 we established a non-profit organization, named Friends of Rancho De Ninos Inc., serving the communities of Albuquerque and Empalme. We serve families that are in need due to various types of hardships. We are very strong advocates for the education of our youth. We are blessed to have members in our organization that are talented to perform several types of tasks in which we encounter in our efforts to help others. 

Mission Statement
The primary mission of our organization, Friends of Rancho de Ninos, Inc., is to provide financial support and to maintain the Casa Hogar to be a healthy environment.  We also, provide help to families in need for the community of Albuquerque.  We are strong advocates for providing education to the youth here and abroad.  We provide financial aid for the young adults that were raised at the Casa Hogar who wish to continue their education and attend college.  Locally, we provide school supplies for the disadvantaged children in the Albuquerque area including awarding scholarships for college.  For more information or application forms please call (505) 401-7608.

Friends Of Rancho De Ninos Inc.
P.O. 12968
Albuquerque,New Mexico 87195
Phone: 505-401-7608
E-Mail us at

Rancho Del Nino,Casa Hogar

Entrance to Casa Hogar