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President:Martin Sisneros, Ph.# 505-401-7608
1st Term Past Board Member
Vice-President: Pete Maes, Ph. # 505-281-1987
1st Term, Past Secretary 
Secretary:Annamarie Sisenros, Ph. # 410-8010 
Treasurer: Roger De La O, Ph.#505-877-8218
Fund raising  Chair. Arturo Sais, Ph. # 966-6168
Educational support Chairmen: Stanley Harrison, Ph. # 505-866-1417
Hardship Support Chairmen: Alex Salazer, Ph. #505-877-9754
Board Members: Mike Shepherd, 1st Term Past Education Support Chairman, Ph. #289-1143 John Cordova, 1st Term Ph. # 505-293-7133, Abenicio Sisneros, 1st Term Ph # 385-1400, Claudine Montano, 2nd Term Ph # 505-8641163, Alex Salazar, 1st Term, Roger de La O 1st Term  




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Friends Of Rancho de Ninos inc.
P.O. Box 12968
Albuquerque, NM 87105


For web-site contact Martin Sisneros click on this link.